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English Department


English in Junior Cycle aims to develop students’ knowledge of language and literature, to consolidate and deepen their literacy skills and make them more self-aware as learners. It encourages them to be creative, to engage personally with and think critically about texts, to develop an appreciation of literature and to gain an understanding of the grammar and conventions of English. 

There are two classroom-based assessments. The first (CBA1) is the oral based assessment, which can be a presentation, a performance or an interview about something that the student would like to talk about. It can be completed individually or in a small group. The second assessment (CBA2) is the collection of texts. Students have the opportunity to present two of their best pieces from a collection they will have built up in 2nd and 3rd year. CBA1 takes place near the end of 2nd year and CBA2 takes place in the middle of 3rd year.

Most students in St. Mogue’s College study the Higher-Level course. Where possible we also provide high support classes for Ordinary Level to give students every chance of progression to third level. 

There are two examination papers for English.

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