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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

St. Mogue’s College is currently working towards becoming a ‘Quality Mark approved’ school in conjunction with BeLonG To Youth Services.

Why is St. Mogue’s College undertaking this programme?


Based on the results of the National School Climate Survey among second-level LGBTQ+ students in Ireland, we actively work to ensure our students:

  • Feel safe at school

  • Are not deliberately excluded by peers

  • Do not hear other students make homophobic remarks

  • Do not miss school because they feel unsafe or uncomfortable

  • Will complete the Leaving Certificate

  • Do not hear a school staff member make a homophobic remark


St. Mogue’s College will be the first school in CMETB to receive official accreditation for the national LGBTQ+ Safe & Supportive Schools Project; a ground-breaking whole-school approach to creating a school environment that is fully inclusive of LGBTQ+ students.


We are passionate about ensuring all our students feel safe, welcome and supported in their school and local community. Everyone has the right to an education, and it is our goal that all students are happy to come to school and live a positive and fulfilled life.


We participate in Stand-Up Awareness Week annually and have an active Student LGBTQ+ & Allies Group which meet weekly.  Our school takes a whole-school approach to representation with vivid and informative noticeboards, posters and signs throughout the school buildings.  We have gender neutral toilets available and are constantly working to provide the best learning and social environment for all students.


Staff have received training as part of the Quality Mark Programme and are suitably confident in speaking about LGBTQ+ topics.  New staff are inducted and receive appropriate training also.

St. Mogue’s College has a zero-tolerance approach to homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.


The LGBTQ+ Support Team (details below) can be contacted by students, parents and staff if they would like to access up-to-date LGBTQ+ related information, support and guidance. In this regard we also work under the Department of Education Guidelines Being LGBT in School.


Staff Members:

Catherine Dwyer, Guidance Counsellor –

Mary McEneaney, HSCL –

Maura Donohoe, TY Coordinator –

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