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Student Council

The Role of the Student Council

Representing student views:

A student council can represent students’ views and it can be a forum for students concerns to be addressed. It can also air students’ difficulties which may not otherwise come to light. It can bring views and concerns of students forward to management and teachers in a diplomatic way

A Consultative Body:
A student council could have a consultative role. Students could be consulted prior to the implementation of new school policies i.e. uniforms, bulling, sports etc.

Contributing to developing policy:
A student council can contribute to the development of school policies

Providers of information:
A student council should provide management with information; they should voice student concerns and provide management with ideas and solutions to problems

A communication channel:
The student council can provide management with information about the opinions of the student body and give feedback to the student body from management.

Peer support:
The student council can provide support on a confidential basis for students with problems

An educational opportunity:
A student council can be a learning tool; students can learn to think critically through involvement with the student council


Improving school’s atmosphere:
A student council can create a positive school atmosphere by providing students with a sense of ownership; it can make the school more pleasant and fun

Establishing links with the wider community:
A student council can establish links with the wider community

Improving school conditions/facilities for students:
A student council can improve the day-to-day conditions for students

Raising student’s awareness of ‘bigger’ issues:
A student council can raise awareness of social issues such as poverty, the environment, health, peer pressure etc.

A partnership:
A student council can be a partner with management, staff, and parents in the running of the school

Student Council Representatives 2020-2021

1st Year:        Amy Gallagher, Thomas Gilbride

2nd Year:       Grace Devine, Mark Fahy

3rd Year:        Tara McGovern, Niall Donohoe

TY:                  Megan Reilly, Dara Warren

5th Year:        Saoirse McGoldrick, Dylan Bannon

6th Year:        Aoife Maguire, Sean McGovern

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